SyncLink® Hardware

We are MicroGate®, designing and manufacturing specialized serial communications solutions since 1982.


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USB Solutions

SyncLink® USB

High-speed USB adapter using the proven MicroGate FPGA serial controller found on every SyncLink serial card. Supports RS-232, V.35 and RS-422 (485/530/530A) connections from a single device.

PCIe Adapters

SyncLink® GT4e

Modern 4-port PCI Express (PCIe) design supporting RS-232, V.35, RS422(485/530/530A) connections and the latest servers available on the market today.

PCI Adapters

SyncLink® PCIe

The newest PCI Express (PCIe) 2-port adapter supporting software-selectable RS-232, V.35 and RS-422 (485/530/530A) connections and a wide range of synchronous/asynchronous serial protocols.