MicroGate® Serial API

MicroGate® Serial API for Windows

Full-Featured Software Development Kit for Windows.

The MicroGate Serial API provides a serial communications Application Program Interface for Microsoft Windows using the SyncLink family of adapters (USB, PCI, PCI Express, PC/104+). The API supports multiple serial protocols including SDLC, HDLC, BISYNC, MONOSYNC, ISOCHRONOUS, ASYNCHRONOUS and RAW bit-synchronous. These protocols are used to build applications for networking, X.25, IBM SDLC (SNA), satellite, radio and other serial communications. The API allows direct control of the serial hardware.

The MicroGate Serial API is FREE and may be downloaded at any time from the MicroGate website.

Download the Guide to MicroGate Serial Communications for Windows for complete details regarding the use of SyncLink hardware, driver and software-development-kit options, and Windows.

Supported Windows Versions
  • Windows XP (Server 2003/2003R2)
  • Windows Vista (Server 2008)
  • Windows 7 (Server 2008R2)
  • Windows 8 (Server 2012)
  • Windows 8.1 (Server 2012R2)
  • Windows 10 (Server 2016/2019)

The API is accessed through a standard Windows DLL, and can be used by any programming language that allows calling functions in a standard Windows DLL. Sample programs with source are supplied for the C/C++, C# and Python 3 languages.

Supported Development Tools

The MicroGate Serial API for Windows is supported by Microsoft Visual Studio, with sample projects included.

An application uses the base API to send and receive data where the application controls the exact contents and timing of data transfer.

An application uses the extended API to send and receive data where the API implements the details of a higher level protocol such as LAPB. The extended API handles frame sequencing, retries, and timeouts. A sample C application is included demonstrating LAPB communications.

Hardware Supported

The MicroGate Serial API supports all the SyncLink hardware MicroGate manufactures. Once you develop an application using the SDK, you can be confident any platform your users require will have a ready-to-go solution.

Base API Options
  • SDLC, HDLC, BISYNC, MONOSYNC, ISOCHRONOUS, ASYNC, RAW bit-synchronous protocols
  • Selectable hardware CRC: CRC-16, CRC-32, None
  • DPLL clock recovery
  • Separate, selectable transmit and receive data clock inputs
  • Baud Rate Generator for sourcing data clocks
  • Variety of transmit preamble and idle patterns
  • Encoding: NRZ,NRZB,NRZ-L,NRZI,NRZ-M,NRZ-S,BIPHASE,FM0,FM1,Manchester,differential biphase level
  • Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) compatible with TDM mode of McASP
  • Full control and monitoring of DTR,RTS,DSR,DCD,CTS,RI
  • Loopback mode for diagnostics

The MicroGate Serial API is packaged as a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a Run Time Kit (RTK).

Software Development Kit

The MicroGate Serial SDK contains documentation, development support files, sample C/C++, C# and Python 3 applications, and the Run Time Kit.

Run Time Kit

The MicroGate Serial RTK contains the redistributable software components necessary to support deployment of a serial application.

Optional General Purpose I/O Signals

The SyncLink family of serial adapters can be ordered with an optional header that provides general purpose digital (TTL) input/output signals. These signals can be configured (direction), controlled, and monitored through the serial API. Contact our sales department for ordering details.

Hardware Branding

The MicroGate Serial API SDK offers developers seamless application integration. With individually assigned PCI/PCIe/USB hardware IDs, the SyncLink adapters may be recognized and installed as distinctive cards, carrying your own company name or model classification.


Serial API Downloads
HDLCSDK.EXEComplete SDK, documentation, and sample program source.
HDLCRTK.EXERun-Time-Kit and documentation
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