SyncLink® SDLC/SNA Adapters for Windows

SyncLink® SDLC Adapter for IBM PCOMM

PCOMM Directly Supports SyncLink Adapter Connections.

SyncLink adapters (PCI and PCI Express) support SDLC and X.25/QLLC connections between SNA host computers and IBM's Personal Communications Manager for Windows (PCOMM) running on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 or Server 2003/2008. The PCI and PCI Express(PCIe) cards support data rates up to 10 Mbps.

The adapter serial interface (V.35, RS-232, RS-422/485, RS-530, RS-449, X.21) connects to data communications equipment such as synchronous modems, CSU/DSUs, satellite and radio modems. Multiport SyncLink adapters have independently configured serial data interfaces. Conversion cables are required for each port for V.35, RS-449, and X.21.

Multiple adapters can be installed, limited only by the number of available expansion slots.

Device manager diagnostics are provided for verifying the installation and correct operation of the adapter.

NOTE: If you require an SDLC/HDLC connection supporting a specialized remote device that is using the SDLC protocol for communications and you are not using PCOMM to manage a SNA link, visit the MicroGate Serial API for Windows page. The "Related Products" tab has more information and links for more appropriate solutions.

Always feel free to contact MicroGate directly if you have any questions. We can help you match the right product to your connection needs.

Product and Ordering Information
Use the part numbers below for ordering SyncLink hardware and MicroGate software.
SyncLink SDLC/SNA Adapters for IBM PCOMM
Product Description Part Number
PCI Adapters
SyncLink SDLC/SNA Adapter for IBM PCOMM (1-port) 192203
SyncLink SDLC/SNA Adapter for IBM PCOMM (2-port) 292203
SyncLink SDLC/SNA Adapter for IBM PCOMM (4-port) 492203
PCI Express(PCIe) Adapters
SyncLink SDLC/SNA Adapter for IBM PCOMM (2-port) 202203
SyncLink SDLC/SNA Adapter for IBM PCOMM (4-port) 402203
Cables and Options
Product Description Part Number
Synchronous RS-232 Cable (DB25F-DB25M) 6-feet CMF000
V.35 Cable (DB25F-34pin Block Connector) 6-feet 2534GT
RS-449 Cable (DB25F-DB37M) 6-feet 2537FM
X.21 Cable (DB25F-DB15M) 6-feet 2515FM
Low-Profile Bracket supporting MD1 Compliant SyncLink GT/AC Adapters LPB000