SyncLink® PCI Express Adapter Solution

SyncLink® PCIe Adapter

SyncLink PCIe Adapter
The Newest PCIe Adapter.

The SyncLink PCIe Adapter features bus master control for sustained 10Mbps synchronous communications simultaneously on two ports. The SyncLink PCIe Adapter also supports asynchronous connections up to 8Mbps. The 1x bus connector supports the latest workstation, stand-a-lone server, rack mount server or ruggedize system requiring synchronous or asynchronous connections. The number of adapters one can place in a single system is only limited by the number of slots available in the computer.

The SyncLink family of synchronous adapters utilizes the MicroGate FPGA Serial Controller. Beyond providing seamless integration between the hardware and software drivers, MicroGate is able to offer customized serial controller interfaces for users needing additional control over the serial links. There is no need for custom hardware but rather quick modifications to the FPGA programming.

Other features include:

  • Two Ports - individually configurable. Selectable by software or hardware switches.
  • Supports 10Mbps synchronous, 8Mbps asynchronous connections
  • SDLC, HDLC, BISYNC, MONOSYNC, ISOCHRONOUS, ASYNC, RAW bit-synchronous protocols
  • Selectable hardware CRC: CRC-16, CRC-32, None
  • DPLL clock recovery (x8 and x16 sampling)
  • Separate, selectable transmit and receive data clock inputs
  • Baud Rate Generator for sourcing data clocks
  • Variety of transmit preamble and idle patterns
  • Encoding: NRZ,NRZB,NRZ-L,NRZI,NRZ-M,NRZ-S,BIPHASE,FM0,FM1,Manchester,differential biphase level
  • Full control and monitoring of DTR,RTS,DSR,DCD,CTS,RI
  • Selectable interface for RS‐232, V.35, RS‐422/485, RS‐530, RS‐530A, RS‐449, X.21
  • Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) compatible with TDM mode of McASP
  • General Purpose I/O (GPIO) signal access
  • Loopback mode for diagnostics

Always Up-To-Date.

Free downloadable system drivers gives the user access to the latest features and upgrades avaiable from MicroGate.

Full-Featured Software Development Kit.

Supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux (x86), the MicroGate Serial API gives developers direct access to the SyncLink adapter and serial link for total control of HDLC/SDLC, BISYNC, MONOSYNC, ISOCHRONOUS, ASYNC and RAW synchronous bit streams. These protocols are used to build applications for networking, X.25, IBM SDLC (SNA), satellite, radio and other serial communications.

Additional Support.

The SyncLink drivers are part of the base Linux kernel, providing direct support with Linux networking options.

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SyncLink PCIe Adapter Specifications
A variety of serial protocols and interface standards are supported. Refer to the software documentation included with the card for details on using the adapter for a specific application.
SyncLink PCIe Adapter
  • MicroGate FPGA serial controller (two ports)
  • Environmental: Temperature ‐40C to +85C; humidity 0 to 95% non‐condensing; alt. ‐ 200 to +10,000 ft
  • Mechanical: Standard PCI Express short card; length 3.8", height 4.0, Weight 3Oz
  • Power usage:2.5W
  • Regulatory: FCC Class B, CE, ANSI C63.4, EN55022 Class B, EN55024, RoHS
  • Connector: DB‐25 (male)
  • Cable Options: DB‐25 (female) to DB‐25 (male); DB‐25 (female) to 34‐pin V.35 (male); DB‐25(female) to 37‐pin RS‐449 (male); DB‐25 (female) to 15‐pin X.21 (male)

Product and Ordering Information
Use the part numbers below for ordering SyncLink hardware and MicroGate software.
Additional product information can be found following the available links below.
SyncLink PCIe Adapter
Product Description Part Number
SyncLink PCIe Adapter/PCIe/2-port RS-232, V.35, RS422(485/530/530A) 2E0170
MicroGate Software Development Kits
Product Description Part Number
WINDOWS (32-bit/64-bit)
MicroGate Serial API for Windows DOWNLOAD
LINUX (32-bit/64-bit)
MicroGate Serial API for Linux DOWNLOAD
Cables and Options
Product Description Part Number
Synchronous RS-232 Cable (DB25F-DB25M) 6-feet CMF000
V.35 Cable (DB25F-34pin Block Connector) 6-feet 2534GT
RS-449 Cable (DB25F-DB37M) 6-feet 2537FM
X.21 Cable (DB25F-DB15M) 6-feet 2515FM